What Does Labor Day Mean to You?

by Caryl Loper on August 26, 2016

Childhood days capture such sweet memories of the summer months, picturesque images of breezy, balmy surroundings, echoes of laughter and splashing water about, days of carefree play. The fun-spirited festivities, the freedom of child play would swiftly come to an end; and shortly thereafter, the start of the school year would be marked by the 1st Monday in September, Labor Day.  Even though as children we learned the historical facts about Labor Day, most of us have long gone forgotten the significance and foundation.

To remind some of us, its origin initiated on the threshold of an industrial revolution, the creation of restructured work conditions and lifestyles.  The typical American in the late 1800’s worked exhausting hours, 12-hour days /
7 days a week without a break.   Most disheartening, employers engaged in outrageous practices by hiring children, derived for the purpose of cheap labor.

Over time there was an uprising of workers, literally civil disobedience.  Workers walked off their jobs demanding changes to such oppressive conditions.  Labor unions became a major component with this transition, the voice that spoke and acted for the survival of Americans, an achievement in a movement of valuing one’s self worth.

Labor Day is an example of how to create life altering changes and freedom with group unity.  The unified voice can be the driving force to foster self-empowerment and to shift group awareness, to cultivate the morality of right and wrong.  Standing firmly, holding onto one’s convictions proves that principles and persuasion can be an impetus to creating the victorious life.

We must consistently recognize what we view as appropriate, acceptable and creditable and employ methods of change.  If any action is deemed unacceptable then let your voice be heard, stand up for your rights and create the change that is needed.

In closing, learn from the past.  Yes, we have gained exponentially from history’s transformations.  In order to continue to create change and freedom, never conform to the masses, adhere to your ethics, attitudes and actions.

After all, our great country is a huge melting pot of ambitious, aspiring individuals enthused by self-respecting values to be our best.  In recognition of Labor Day, we can pay homage to freedom, based on our own choices.


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