Reasons are Excuses – Look for Opportunities to Say YES!

by Caryl Loper on April 10, 2018

kyle maynardYou have an ambition . . . an aspiration . . . a dream . . . a desire.  You think it is unattainable.  You think it is the unthinkable, likely impossible. It is too large or it is too daring.  You think you cannot achieve a goal. The challenge is colossal.  You think it is impossible.
Think again.

It is your thoughts that can either create opportunities and triumphs, or create roadblocks and disappointments.  Your mind determines what you realize and attain.  It may be difficult to digest; nevertheless, reasons are simply excuses.

Look for opportunities to say YES!  One inspiring man will motivate you.  Watch this video, and you will understand about one man’s achievements.
You will be touched by his inspirited energy, his heartfelt emotions . . .
his gusto and jubilation, his pursuit and passion to live a full life.

Kyle Maynard is an extraordinary man.  Kyle is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur and an award-winning athlete.  Kyle has never given up, gone beyond other people’s expectations.  He has turned his adversities into challenges, difficulties into opportunities, and disabilities into capabilities.  Kyle Maynard is a true champion!

To view the video, click here.


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