Happy Mother’s Day, A Dedication to My Mom

by Caryl Loper on May 12, 2018

Mom, although you are no longer here in the physical, I feel your presence every day, and I am in gratitude and appreciation for your love. To Mom … 

Heartfelt memories create soft images of nurturing gentleness.  My mother’s calmness prevails within and touches my heart. Her energy encircles my being with kindness and warmth.  There is a sense of safety and security.  Engaging smiles, reaffirming eyes, embracing hugs fortifies acceptance and love.  Her constant affirmation of listening and responding strengthens my constitution.  She is available throughout the years, weathering the storms and celebrating the rainbows.

Her essence and persona lit the direction to my path. Yet, it never defined my way with hers, for she recognized my distinction with merit and honor.
She instilled a sense of self-worth and self-respect, and valued us as separate individuals.  She helped form my identity, taught me ethics and values, and educated me about the true meaning of life.  She shared hope, gratitude, persistence, dignity, fairness, generosity, integrity to name a few.

Her love rang out maternal truth, an inner sense of all Universal Laws of Consciousness, to love and be loved.

Hopefully you had a blessed experience.  If you were not as fortunate, embrace your experience with acceptance.  See the gift in the experience
as a seed for growth.  Take the opportunity to manifest change.  Instead of creating that mirrored image, reflect what you want to see.  Be the example, build and foster other relationships with your transformation.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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