Branding Your Business

by Caryl Loper on May 23, 2018

Branding Your Business

Branding is an integral part of your business and personal distinction.
It speaks volumes about who you are in your business and on a personal level. The number criterion is to offer services that will benefit your clients. Also, remember it is always about building relationships with your customers, associates and others, whether in your business or personal connections.

There is a famous quote which is applicable  . . .
“How you do anything is how you do everything. Your “character” or “nature” just refers to how you handle all the day-to-day things in life,
no matter how small”.
~ Derek Sivers

It is important that people resonate with who you are, so they keep coming back to you, whether in your own business or in the corporate world.

Here are some suggestions to consider for branding:

  1. Logo design – consider your color choices, fonts, message/meaning and image.
  2. Business card – be certain to have clear, concise text and information.
  3. Tagline – a catchy slogan used on logos, business cards, etc. Make sure to add a powerful statement. Two great examples are: Nike: “Just Do It”, Apple: “Think Different”.
  4. Brochure – in particular, if you are selling a product or service,
    an excellent way to market your business. Your piece can be online as a PDF file and/or a printable version.
  5. Resume, cover letter, references – if you are looking for a corporate job, make sure it is up-to-date. If you are starting your own business, a bio is preferable, which can be added to your website and social media platforms.
  6. Portfolio on CD – this is especially needed in a creative field, like
    web design or graphic design.
  7. Blogs – you will rank higher in search engines, a great way to showcase your expertise and meet new people.
  8. LinkedIn profile – excellent resource to meet and build relationships with new people. Post your resume/bio, your blogs and search for people and jobs.
  9. Facebook profile – another source of relationship building.
  10. Twitter profile – an endless resource with so many possibilities,
    both for personal and business relationship building. Twitter is an excellent way to build your brand, drive traffic to your website and make lasting relationships.
  11. Wardrobe – your outside appearance should be consistent with who you are. Select clothing that represents your personality and branding.
  12. Email – the most professional, best-suited email addresses are linked to your website; otherwise, Gmail will suffice.
  13. Hire an excellent business coach – placing value on your personal assets, your gifts, foremost is the most important aspect. Be willing to take risks, think outside the box, and learn how to say ‘YES!’ to opportunities. All successful businesses work with a coach. And, even coaches work with other coaches.

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