What We Know and How We Live Our Life

by Caryl Loper on May 18, 2018

‘What we know’ and ‘how we live our life’ are two different realms. The ‘what we know’ person is the sophisticated, educated reader.  This learned individual is a vessel of information.  As I see it, essentially it is someone who has accumulated data, details and evidence.  Knowledge has merit, but leaves little room for true comprehension and understanding unless it is applied.  In contrast, ‘how we live our life’ takes ‘what we know’ to a much deeper level.  The sage transcends to a profound level through application.  Conclusively the application of knowledge and understanding expands to wisdom.  The sage consistently applies his teachings and produces astounding results through repetition.  In my estimation, the best pathway is to encompass both realities.

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more
than much knowledge that is idle.” 
~ Kahlil Gibran

“The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open.”
~ Louise Hay

Years ago my husband, Gary and I went to the Hay House event, “I Can Do It!” Louise Hay, internationally and renowned motivational speaker, and founder of Hay House Publishing has had an instrumental role in shifting the world consciousness.  Louise used her personal obstacles, her childhood abusive conditions and her challenges with loss and cancer, as a vehicle to move through her strife and discord.  She transformed her experiences through the power of positive thought.

At the Hay House event, we had the extraordinary opportunity to hear my idol, Wayne Dyer, known as the ‘Father of Motivation’. He has been an impetus in shifting my thinking, a dynamic influence in my life.  Through his own ‘Power of Intention’, Wayne was able to overcome his personal hurdles, the many obstacles he experienced living in orphanages and foster homes.  He taught individuals the method of changing their lives through the transference of thought processes.  Wayne Dyer is the epitome of inspiration and motivation, teaching others how to shift their mindset into constructive, positive thoughts and attitudes.  Being conscientious about your attitude shifts negativity into a positive vibration.  It is not about forcing yourself to be positive, it is simply moving closer to that vibration, a better feeling thought.

My pathway to self-discovery has been a collection of profound enlightenment: inspirational books, motivational CDs, extraordinary workshops, and my husband’s mentoring and coaching. As a business and life coach, and motivational speaker, Gary’s insights, concepts and inspiration have helped me to transcend to a higher level of consciousness. Through repetition and application of this knowledge, I am living a harmonious and happy life. I am now walking down both pathways. In awe and appreciation, I acknowledge the gifts I have received.

Gratitude is the hand on the heart, the reflection of the spirit, the mirrored image of Source Energy, and the bountiful emotions that radiate love.  It teaches you to live your life in grace, appreciation, abundance and wealth.  Living a conscious life awakens the state of gratitude.  When we live within our heart, we are present with the moment.  Living with heart intent creates powerful and intimate relationships.  How we live our life defines who we are as spirited human beings.


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