Launch the New Year!

by Caryl Loper on January 2, 2017

Congratulations, you have launched the New Year with purpose, conviction and command, the power to embrace every occasion as an opportunity and
an adventure instead of as a difficulty or a problem.

So, I ask you, have you?

Life as an opportunity is a conscious choice to view all circumstances or situations as a benefit. It is a choice to be the sole creator of your own destiny. It is also about maintaining your virtues, intentions, aspirations and goals, and applying them each and every day. It is the power of a purposeful life. It is all about the journey.

The journey begins with the discovery of direction, meaning and purpose. Firstly, your success formula begins with a vital task, to quantify and affirm your positive attributes, strengths and innate talents.  Reinforcing and applying those characteristics to your life will bring personal reward, a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Foremost, are you living the life that you define as extraordinary instead of living by some else’s standards or the prospect of what they affirm as the wealth of success?

You will never achieve the true meaning of success if you try to satisfy someone else’s expectations of you.

So, how do you tap into your personal powerhouse for success?

One method is unlearning what you have learned, let go of old restrictive patterns. Dare to discover, find a fresh perspective, be consistent with positive thinking, learn to adapt, be courageous, take a risk, and take BIG leaps.

Do you remember as a child how you dared to dream BIG?

Dreams are what move us to visualize, empower our desires, and intensify our passions. While plans are what create actions to formulate a path to success. Get started today. Creating an empowering plan is the beginning of the process. It is easier to course correct one’s direction than to never begin.
You can fine tune it along the way.

So, were your first dreams to be a horticulturist, a teacher, a lawyer, a writer, an artist, and somewhere along the way life got in the way? Well, whose life is it anyway?

To evoke and expand that state of mind, simply start journaling. Strengthen your thinking by tapping into your inner voice. Reconnect to your inner child. Write limitlessly. Write candidly.  Create a relationship with yourself, and honor your own truths. Know that there are never any limits. To say, it is not the right time, I am too old, I cannot afford it is placing restrictions. There is always a way when it is comes from a place of passion. Learn the art of letting go, letting go of resistance, simply allow.

Now I challenge you. Stop the inner chatter of negative talk, self-sabotaging behaviors and begin to create your ‘inner self-love’ ’box.  You ask, what is an inner self-love box?  Each day on a small piece of paper write one word or a phrase that affirms a positive statement about who you are. When you get stuck in negative self talk, simply retrieve a self-made affirmation card from your box and read it out loud. Actually read it out loud in front of a mirror. Your own conviction, your heart-to heart eye contact will reaffirm who you are.

Be full of passion, passion to live a magnificent and remarkable life.
Yes, I agree having monetary rewards reaps many benefits, one that most people desire and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire or the attainment. It is when we lose sight of who we are and forfeit our self image that we forgo the richest gift of all, our well being.

So, you see the biggest obstacle is often ourselves, our inner voice telling us we cannot do this or that, because of . . . when in reality we can do anything we want.

After all, whose life is it anyway?


Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. ~ Marva Collins

In order to reach success, you must set everything in motion, take action immediately and get started NOW.

Make a commitment to achieve your own personal success.  To get on track, schedule your 30-Minute Strategy Session with Gary Loper, Life, Business & Social Media Coach.



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